Authors P, Q, R


János Pach

Article Title- Repeating Distances Between Points in the Plane

Co Authors- Paul Erdös

Vol Issue- Vol III (2), 1993 Pages- 57

Article Title- On the Independence Number of Coin Graphs

Co Authors- Géza Tóth

Vol Issue- Vol VI (1), 1996 Pages- 30-33

Article Title- Are There Many Distances that Occur Few Times?

Co Authors- Paul Erdös

Vol Issue- Vol VI (3), 1997 Pages- 77-78

Article Title- Folding and Turning Along Geodesics in a Convex Surface

Vol Issue- Vol VII (2), 1997 Pages- 61-65

Article Title- Thirteen Problems on Crossing Numbers

Co Authors- Géza Tóth

Vol Issue- Vol IX (4), 2000 Pages- 194-207

Article Title- A Ramsey-Type Theorem for Bipartite Graphs

Co Authors- Paul Erdös

Vol Issue- Vol X (2), 2000 Pages- 64-69

Article Title- Midpoints of Segments Induced by a Point Set

Co Authors- András Hajnal

Vol Issue- Vol XIII (2), 2003 Pages- 98-105

Article Title- Comment on Fox News

Co Authors- Géza Tóth

Vol Issue- VolXV (3), 2006 Pages- 150-154

Article Title- Errata

Co Authors- Géza Tóth

Vol Issue- Vol XVI (1), 2006 Pages- 244

Article Title- A Note on Blocking Visibility Between Points

Co Authors- Adrian Dumitrescu and Géza Tóth

Vol Issue- Vol XIX (2), 2009 Pages- 67-73

Article Title- Tangled Thrackles

Co Authors- Radŏs Radoičić and Géza Tóth

Vol Issue- Vol XXI (4), 2012 Pages- 157

Article Title- Two and a Half Billion Years of Distance Research

Co Authors- Filip Moriċ

Vol Issue- Vol XXII (4), 2013 Pages- 182-191

Article Title- Graphs with No Grid Obstacle Representation

Vol Issue- Vol XXVI (2), 2016 Pages- 80-83

Article Title – A note on the clique chromatic number of geometric graphs

Co-Authors –  Andrew Suk and Jacob Fox

Vol Issue – Vol XXVIII (2), 2018 Pages – 83 – 86

Article Title- Tiling the plane with equilateral triangles

Co-Authors- Gábor Tardo

Vol Issue- Vol XXVIII (4), 2019  Pages- 197 – 205

R. Padmanabhan

Article Title – Extensions of Möbius-Kantor Configurations

Co-Authors – J. Lanyon

Vol Issue- Vol XXVIII (2), 2018

Pages- 93 – 98

Hugo Parlier

Article Title- On Angles Formed by N Points of the Euclidean And Hyperbolic Planes

Co-Authors- Ghislain Jaudon

Vol Issue- Vol XVII (4), 2008 Pages- 157-165

Jordan Paschke

Article Title- Frobenius Problems in the Gaussian Integers

Co-Authors- Ken DutchPeter Johnson, and Christopher Maier

Vol Issue- Vol XX (3), 2010

Pages- 93

William Paulsen

Article Title- A Most Localized 3-Coloring of Penrose Tilings

Vol issue- Vol XII (3), 2003

Pages- 117-130

Charles Payan

Article Title- About the Proffs of the Packing of 16, 25, and 36 Equal Circles on a Square

Co-Authors- Ahmed Semri

Vol Issue- Vol XVI (1), 2006

Pages- 235-241

Brian Penn

Article Title- A Most Localized 3-Coloring of Penrose Tilings

Vol Issue- Vol XII (3), 2003

Pages- 117-130

Micha Perles

Article Title- Colorings of Metric Spaces

Co-Authors- Miro Benda

Vol Issue- Vol IX (3), 2000

Pages- 113-126

Greg Perry

Article Title- Colorings of the Plane I

Co-Authors- Nathanial Brown and Nathan Dunfield

Vol Issue-  Vol III (2), 1993

Pages- 24-31

Article Title- Colorings of the Plane II

Co-Authors- Nathanial Brown and Nathan Dunfield

Vol Issue- Vol III (3), 1994

Pages- 64-74

Article Title- Colorings of the Plane III

Co-Authors- Nathanial Brown and Nathan Dunfield

Vol Issue- Vol III (4), 1994

Pages- 110-114

Oliver Pfeiffer

Article Title- A Geometric Proof of a Combinatorial Second Order Recurrence

Vol Issue- Vol XVII (1), 2007 Pages- 34-40

Rom Pinchasi 

Article Title – Extreme Intersection Points in Arrangements

Vol Issue – Vol XXIII (1) 2013 Pages – 28-34

Raymond E. Pippert

Article Title- Venn Diagrams: Announcement of Some New Results

Co-Authors- Kirran B. Chilakamarri and Peter Hamburger

Vol Issue- Vol IV (4), 1995

Pages- 129-132

Iwan Praton 

Article Title- Tiling a unit square with 8 squares

Vol Issue- Vol XXII (3), 2012 Pages-109-115

Noah Priluck

Article Title- On Counting Regular Polygons Formed by Special Families of Parallel Lines

Vol Issue- Vol XVII (4), 2008 Pages- 166-171

Lara Pudwell

Article Title- Graphs of Essentially Equivalent Lattice Paths

Co-Authors- Adam Hughes and Marjorie Brewes

Vol Issue- Vol XIII (1), 2003

Pages- 5-9

Adam Purcilly

Article Title- On The Chromatic Numbers of Some 3-Uniform
Hypergraphs In The Plane

Co Authors- Katherine Bennette, Peter JohnsonJessie Deering, and William Jamieson

Vol Issue- Vol XXII (4), 2013 Pages- 163-170

Nadipuram R. Prasad

Article Title- A Geometric Approach to Classification of Trash in Ginned Cotton

Co-Authors- Murali SiddaiahMichael A Lieberman,and Vladik Kreinovich

Vol Issue- Vol X (2), 2000

Pages- 77-82


J. Quistorff

Article Title- Sudoku Puzzles in the Context of Extremal Problems for Latin Squares and Codes

Vol Issue- Vol XVII (1), 2007 Pages- 19-33


Stanley Rabinowitz

Article Title- O(n3) Bounds for the Area of a Convex Lattice n-gon

Vol Issue- Vol II (4), 1993  Pages- 85-88

Article Title- The Octagon Anomoly

Vol Issue- Vol III (1), 1993  Pages- 13-17

Radŏs Radoičić

Article Title- Tangled Thrackles

Co-Authors- János Pach and Géza Tóth

Vol Issue- Vol XXI (4), 2012 Pages- 157

Stanislaw Radziszowski

Article Title- On the Most Wanted Folkman Graph

Co-Authors- Xu Xiaodong

Vol Issue- Vol XVI (4), 2007

Pages- 367-381

Peter Raedschelders

Article Title- Heesch-Tiles Based on Regular Polygons

Vol Issue- Vol VII (3), 1998

Pages- 01-106

Article Title- Semimagic Tiling on an Asymmetrical Tile

Vol Issue- Vol X (1), 2000

Pages- 45-50

Werner W. A. Raffke

Article Title- A Box in a Grid

Vol Issue- Vol VIII (2), 1998

Pages- 55-60

Paul Ribenboim

Artricle Title- Homage to Leo Moser, A Review Collected Papers of Leo Moser

Co-Authors- William Moser

Vol Issue- Vol XVI, 2007

Lew Robertson

Article Title- A Buttressed Octahedron

Co-Authors- Michael Schweitzer and Stan Wagon

Vol Issue- Vol XI (4), 2002

Pages- 119-121

Erika Roldan

Article Title – Polyominoes with maximally many holes

Co-Authors – Matthew Kahle

Vol Issue – Vol XXIX (1) 2019 Pages – 5

Enrique Roldan

Article Title- Detecting Cracks in Thin Plates by Using Lamb Wave Scanning: Geometric Approach

Co-Authors- Vladik KreinovichRoberto Osegueda, and Rodrigo Mares

Vol Issue- Vol XIV (2), 2004

Pages- 62-71

Otto Röschel

Article Title- A Saturated Packing of 37 Regular Tetrahedra

Co Authors- Peter Fazekas

Vol Issue- Vol XXII (2), 2012 Pages- 58-62

Moshe Rosenfeld

Article Title- Odd Integral Distances among Points in the Plane

Vol Issue- Vol V (4), 1996 Pages-156-159

Article Title- Piercing Convex Polygons in the Plane

Vol issue- Vol IX (4), 1999 Pages-69-75

Article Title- Piercing Convex Polygons in the Plane

Vol issue- Vol IX (3), 2000 Pages- 103-109

Article Title- Branko, teacher, mentor, and a great friend

Vol Issue- Vol XIX (2), 2009 Pages- 46-48

Article Title- The Odd-Distance Plane Graph

Vol Issue- Vol XIX (2), 2009 Pages- 62-66

Article Title- The Odd-Distance Graph

Vol Issue- Vol XXII (4), 2013 Pages- 192-198

Article Title- Weighted Erdös-Mordell Inequality for Star-shaped Polygons

Co-Authors-Tran Nhat Tan

Vol Issue- Vol XXV (1), 2015 Pages- 36 -44

Article Title- Branko

Vol Issue- Vol XXVIII (3), 2019Pages- 127-131

Cecil Rousseau

Article Title- Dininer with Paul Erdös an Johann Pachelbel

Vol Issue- Vol XXII (4), 2013 Pages- 137-138

Robert Rubalcaba

Article Title- The Chromatic Numbers of some Euclidean Distance

Co-Authors- Aaron BohanonP. D. Johnson, and Jeremy Lanig

Vol Issue- Vol X (4), 2001

Pages- 141-164

John Ryan

Article Title- Coloring Euclidean Spaces So That All Translates of a Given Set Are Rainbow

Co-Authors- P. D. Johnson

Vol Issue- Vol XXVI (1), 2016

Pages- 23 – 29

Philippe Ryckelynk

Article Title- Square Packings in a Flat Torus

Co-Authors- Thierry Gensane

Vol Issue- Vol XVII (4), 2008 Pages- 141-156