Authors S, T, U


James H. Schmerl

Article Title- The List-Chromatic Number of Euclidean Space

Vol Issue- Vol V (2), 1995

Pages- 65-68

Aaron Schneider

Article Title – Motif patterns and coverings of point with unit disks Part I

Co-Authors – Jeremy F. Alm, Nicholas Hommowun and Elizabeth Manary

Vol Issue – Vol XXIII (2) 2013 Pages – 41

Andrew Schneider

Article Title- B1(Q3)=4

Co-Authors- Peter Johnson and Michael Tiemeyer

Vol Issue- Vol XVI (4), 2007

Pages- 356-362

Michael Schweitzer

Article Title- A Buttressed Octahedron

Co-Authors- Lew Robertson and Stan Wagon

Vol Issue- Vol XI (4), 2002

Pages- 119-121

Carlos Seara

Article Title- 36 Two-Colored Points with no Empty
Monochromatic Convex Fourgons

Co-Authors- Clemens Huemer

Vol Issue- Vol XIX (1), 2009

Pages- 5-6

Markus Seemann

Article Title- A Buttressed Octahedron

Co-Authors- Lew Robertson and Stan Wagon

Vol Issue- Vol XI (4), 2002

Pages- 119-121

Ahmed Semri

Article Title- About the Proofs of the Packing of 16, 25, and 36 Equal Circles on a Square

Co-Authors- Charles Payan

Vol Issue- Vol XVI (1), 2006

Pages- 235-241

Sharon Shelah

Article Title – Ordered Black Boxes: Existence

Vol Issue – Vol XXIII (3) 2014 Pages – 108

 G. C. Shephard

Article Title- My Work with Branko Grünbaum

Vol Issue- Vol IX (2), 1999

Pages- 42-48

Article Title- The Polygon Theorems of Pratt-Kasapi and Hoehn

Vol Issue- Vol IX (2), 1999

Pages- 76-89

Thomas Q. Sibley

Article Title- Coloring Space Tilings of Generalized Parallelograms

Vol Issue- Vol X (2), 2000

Pages- 75-76

Nàndor Sieben

Article Title- Wild Polyomino Weak (1,2)- Acheivement Games

Vol Issue- Vol XIII (4), 2004

Pages- 180-185

Murali Siddaiah

Article Title- A Geometric Approach to Classification of Trash in Ginned Cotton

Co-Authors- Michael A Lieberman, Nadipuram R. Prasad, and Vladik Kreinovich

Vol Issue- Vol X (2), 2000

Pages- 77-82

Reinhard Siegmund-Schulze

Article Title- Terror and Exile: Persecution and Expulsion of Mathematicians from Berlin between 1933 and 1945

Co-Authors-  Johen Bruning and Dirk Ferus

Vol Issue- Vol XIII (3), 2004

Pages- 153

Kenneth J. Sikes

Article Title- Consequences of Geometry for Species Adaptation

Co-Authors- Michael A. Woodley

Vol Issue- Vol XVI (2), 2006

Pages- 270-277

Pavol Široczki

Article Title – Unit Distance Subgraphs of Critical Graphs

Co-Authors – Tomás Madaraš

Vol Issue – Vol XXIV (4) 2015 Pages – 157-171

Wasin So

Article Title – Cutting Right Triangles Right!

Co-Authors – Hidefumi Katsuura

Vol Issue – Vol XXIII (4) 2014 Pages – 170

Alexander Soifer

 Vol Issue – Vol XXIII (4) 2014 Pages –  186
Article Title – 
A spoon of tar can spoil a barrel of honey

Article Title – Einstein’s Cocktail of Profundity & Humor, A Review of
Albert Einstein, The Human Side: Glimpses from His Archives
by Albert Einstein; Helen Dukas Banesh Hoffmann (ed’s)
Vol Issue – Vol XXIV (1) 2014 Pages – 32

Article Title – 
Whoever says the truth shall die!
Vol Issue – Vol XXIV (2) 2014 Pages – 84

Article Title – Book review, Whoever Said “No” to the Relativity Theory, A Review of Milena Wazeck’s book “Einstein’s Opponents: The public Controversy about the Theory of Relativity in the 1920s
Vol Issue – Vol XXIV (3) 2015 Pages – 99

Article Title – Dirty Laundry of Ivory Tower
Vol Issue – Vol XXIV (4) 2015 Pages – 181

Article Title – Book review,  A Book is Born: “Topics in Chromatic Graph Theory”
By Robin J. Wilson and Lowell W. Beineke (ed’s)
Vol Issue – Vol XXV (1) 2015 Pages – 45

Article Title – Truth, like water, will find its way out: My Response to Günter M. Ziegler and
the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigung
Vol Issue – Vol XXV (2) 2015 Pages – 76-86

Article Title – Should We Accept the German Proposal of Their Monopoly on the Third Reich History?
Vol Issue – Vol XXV (3) 2016 Pages – 123 – 132

Article Title – A Taste for Duality: Erdös, Dilworth, Gallai, Milgram and Mirsky
Vol Issue – Vol XXVI (1) 2016 Pages – 30 – 41

Article Title – To Walk the Talk: A Letter to the President of IMU Shigefumi Mori
Vol Issue – Vol XXVI (2) 2016  Pages – 84-89

Article Title – Mobilizing Ambiguity of Populism, A Review of “The Third Reich Sourcebook,”
Anson Rabinbach and Sander L. Gilman (editors)
Vol Issue –
Vol XXVI (3) 2017 Pages –  128 – 132

Article Title – The Secretive Life of the International Mathematics Union
Vol Issue – Vol XXVII (1) 2017 Pages – 20-25

Article Title – An Open Letter to All Nine Rolf Nevanlinna Prize Laureates
Vol Issue – Vol XXVII (2) 2017 Pages – 84-90

Article Title – Laureates on Their Rolf Nevanlinna Prize and the Secrecy IMU President Shigefumi Mori
Vol Issue – Vol XXVII (3) 2018 Pages – 121-125

Article Title – Have the Russians Infiltrated Congressus Numerantium?
Vol Issue – Vol XXVII (4) 2018 Pages – 162-172

Article Title – Progress in My Favorite Open Problem of Mathematics, Chromatic Number of the Plane: An Étude in Five Movements
Vol Issue – Vol XXVIII (1) 2018 Pages – 5-17

Article Title – Truth, Like Water, Finds Its Way Out
Vol Issue – Vol XXVIII (2) 2018 Pages – 106 – 111

Article Title – Branko, My Teacher, Collaborator, and Friend
Vol Issue – Vol XXVIII (3) 2019 Pages – 139 – 149

Article Title –Chromatic Problems and Prizes
Vol Issue – Vol XXVIII (4) 2019 Pages – 206 – 210

Article Title –The International Mathematics Union Abacus Medal
Vol Issue – Vol XXIX (1) 2019 Pages – 33

William Staton

Article Title- Letters To the Editor

Co-Authors- Connie Campbell

Vol Issues- Vol XV (1) 2005 Pages- 43

Article Title- On the Erdös Square-Packing Conjecture

Co-Authors- Benton Tyler

Vol Issues- Vol XVII (2), 2007 Pages- 88-94

Peter Stark

Article Title- Kings on Triangular Honeycombs

Co-Authors- Heiko Harborth

Vol Issue- Vol VII (4), 1998

Pages- 117-122

Scott A. Starks

Article title- Locating the Whole Pattern is Better than Locating Its Pieces: A Geometric Explanation of an Empirical Phenomenon

Co-Authors- Vladik Kreinovich

Vol Issue- Vol VIII (4), 1999

Pages- 116-121

Article title- Open-Ended Configurations of Radio Telescopes: A Geometrical Analysis

Co-Authors- Vladik KreinovichDima IourinskiOlga Kosheleva, and Andrei Finkelstein

Vol Issue- Vol XIII (2), 2003

Pages- 79-85

Article title- Why Benchmarking is an (Assymptotically) Optmial Approach to Numerical Methods: A Geombinatoric Proof

Co-Authors- Vladik Kreinovich

Vol Issue- Vol XIII (3), 2004

Pages- 131-138

Norton Starr

Article Title- Tromino Tiling Deficient Cubes of Side Length 2n

Vol Issue- Vol XVIII (2), 2008  Pages- 72-87

Boguslaw Stec

Article Title- Geometry of Protein. I. Why Hyperbolic Surfaces are a Good Approximation for Beta-Sheets

Co-Authors- Vladik Kreinovich

Vol Issue- Vol XV (1) 2005

Pages- 18-27

B. M. Stewart

Article Title- Polyhedral Oddity of Integral Type

Vol Issue- Vol III (3), 1994

Pages- 100-101

Richard Stong

Article Title- Squares Inside of a Square

Vol Issue- Vol VII (1), 1997

Pages- 29-34

Ricardo Strausz

Article Title – Separoids and a Tverberg-Type Problem

Vol Issue- Vol XV (2), 2005

Pages- 79-91

Andrew Suk

Article Title – A note on the clique chromatic number of geometric graphs

Co-Authors –  János Pach and Jacob Fox

Vol Issue – Vol XXVIII (2), 2018

Pages – 83 – 86

Marta Sved

Article Title – Old Snapshots of the Young

Vol Issue – Vol II (3), 1993 Pages – 46

Konrad J. Swanepoel

Article Title- Triangle-free minimum distance graphs in the plane

Vol Issue- Vol XIX (1), 2009

Pages- 28-30

Kyle Sykes

Article Title- • The Zipper Foldings of the Diamond

Co-Authors-  Erin Wolf Chambers, Di Fang, Cynthia Traub, and Philip Trettenero

Vol Issue- Vol XXV (1) 2015

Pages- 5 – 21

A.D. Szalm

Article Title- A New Connection Between Two Kinds of Euclidean Coloring Problems

Co-Authors-  P.D. Joshnson Jr.

Vol Issue- Vol X (4), 2001

Pages- 172


Birra Taha

Vol Issue – Vol XXIV (3) 2015 Pages – 109-116

Article Title – New Lower Bounds for χ (Rd) for d = 8, …, 12

Co-Authors – Matthew Kahle

Tran Nhat Tan

Article Title- Weighted Erdös-Mordell Inequality for Star-shaped Polygons

Co-Authors- Moshe Rosenfeld

Vol Issue- Vol XXV (1), 2015

Pages- 36 -44

Gábor Tardo

Article Title- Tiling the plane with equilateral triangles

Co-Authors- János Pach

Vol Issue- Vol XXVIII (4), 2019

Pages- 197 – 205

E. G. Thomas

Article Title- An Easier Analogue of a Difficult Old Euclidean Coloring Problem

Co-Authors- P. D. Johnson and A. W. Bohanon

Vol Issue- Vol XII (3), 2003

Pages- 94-101

Michael Tiemeyer

Article Title- B1(Q3)=4

Co-Authors- Peter Johnson and Andrew Schneider

Vol Issue- Vol XVI (4), 2017

Pages- 356-362

Article Title- Which Pairs of Distances Can Be Forbidden by a
4-Coloring of Q3?

Co-Authors- Peter Johnson

Vol Issue- Vol XVIII (4), 2009

Pages- 161-170

Bjarne Toft

Article Title- Choosability Versus Chromaticity

Co-Authors- Tommy R. Jensen

Vol Issue- Vol V (2), 1995

Pages- 45-64

Geza Toth

Article Title- On the Independence Number of Coin Graphs

Co-Authors- János Pach

Vol Issue- VolVI (1), 1996 Pages- 30-33

Article Title- Thirteen Problems on Crossing Numbers

Co-Authors- János Pach

Vol Issue- Vol IX (4), 2000 Pages- 194-207

Article Title- Comment on Fox News

Co-Authors- János Pach

Vol Issue- Vol XV (3), 2006 Pages- 150-154

Article Title- Errata

Co-Authors- János Pach

Vol Issue- Vol XVI (1), 2006 Pages- 244

Article Title- A Note on Blocking Visibility Between Points

Co-Authors- Adrian Dumitrescu and János Pach

Vol Issue- Vol XIX (2), 2009 Pages- 67-73

Article Title- Tangled Thrackles

Co-Authors- János Pach and Radŏs Radoičić

Vol Issue- Vol XXI (4), 2012 Pages- 157

Stephen Townshend

Article Title- Colouring the Plane with no Monochrome Units

Vol Issue- Vol XIV (4), 2005

Pages- 181-193

Gregory P. Tollisen

Article Title- A Finite Difference Approach to Counting Quadrangles in a Circle

Co-Authors- Tamás Lengyel

Vol Issues-  Vol XX (4), 2011 Pages- 168

Cynthia Traub

Article Title- • The Zipper Foldings of the Diamond

Co-Authors-  Erin Wolf Chambers, Di Fang, Kyle Sykes and Philip Trettenero

Vol Issue- Vol XXV (1) 2015

Pages- 5 – 21

Eric Tressler

Article Title- Monochromatic Triangles In E2

Vol Issue- Vol XIX (3), 2009

Pages- 119-125

Philip Trettenero

Article Title- • The Zipper Foldings of the Diamond

Co-Authors-  Erin Wolf Chambers, Di Fang, Kyle Sykes and Cynthia Traub

Vol Issue- Vol XXV (1) 2015

Pages- 5 – 21

Craig Tweedie

Article Title- Representation of Spatial Variation: Geometric Approach And Environmental Applications

Co-Authors- Misha Koshelev, and Octavio Lerma

Vol Issue- Vol XXI (1), 2011 Pages- 15

Helge Tverberg

Article Title- Personal Memories of Erdös

Vol Issue- Vol XVI (4), 2013 Pages- 139

Benton Tyler

Article Title- On the Erdös Square-Packing Conjecture

Co-Authors- William Staton 

Vol Issue- Vol XVII (2), 2007 Pages- 88-94


Ryuhei Uehara

Article Title- On Covering of Any Point Configuration by Disjoint Unit Disks

Co-Authors- Yosuke Okayamal and Masashi Kiyomi

Vol Issue- Vol XXII (1), 2012 Pages- 14-23

Samee Ullah Khan

Article Title- Modular N-Queen (Combinatorial Game)

Vol Issue- Vol XII (4), 2003

Pages- 217-221

Article Title- AYO (Combinatorial Game)

Vol Issue- Vol XIII (1), 2003

Pages- 47-49

Article Title- Tchoukaillon (Combinatorial Games)

Vol Issue- Vol XIII (2), 2003

Pages- 106-108

Article Title- Towers for the K-Peg Game (Combinitorial Game)

Vol Issue- Vol XIII (3), 2004

Pages- 148-152

Daniel Ullman

Article Title – The Fractional Chromatic Number of the Plane

Co-Authors – David Fisher

Vol Issue – Vol II (1), 1992 Pages – 8