Octavio Lerma


Geombinatorics Quarterly

Octavio Lerma


Article Title: Why Injecting Fine Dust into a Tornado is more Promising than Injecting Coarse Dust: A Geometric Explanation

Co-Authors: Vladik Kreinovich and Olga Kosheleva

Vol Issue: Vol XXV (3) 2016 

Page: 118


Article Title: Interleaving Enhances Learning: A Possible Geometric Explanation

Co-Authors: Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich

Vol Issue: XXIV (3) 2015 

Page: 135


Article Title: A Simple Geometric Model Provides a Possible Quantitative Explanation of the Advantages of Immediate Feedback in Student Learning

Co-Authors: Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich

Vol Issue: Vol XXV (1) 2015 

Page: 22

Article Title: Fitt’s Law: Towards a Geometric Explanation

Co-Authors: Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich

Vol Issue: XXIV (2) 2014

 Page: 78