Volume XXIV


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2014 (Volume XXIV, Issue 1)

Covering Paths and Tress for Planar Grids By Balàzs Keszegh 5
Geometric realization of toroidal quadrangulations without hidden symmetries By Serge Lawrencenko 11
A 2-chain can interlock with an open 10-chain By Bin LuJoseph O’Rourke, and Jianyuan K. Zhong 21
 A spoon of tar can spoil a barrel of honey: An essay inspired by the book Emil Artin and Helmut Hasse: The Correspondence 1923-1958 by Günther Frei, Franz Lemmermeyer, and Peter J. Roquette, (Eds.) By Alexander Soifer 32

October  2014 (Volume XXIV, Issue 2)

Saturated Domino Coverings By Andrew Buchanan and Tanya Khovanova 53
Note on the unit area triangle problem By Dan Ismailescu and Katherine Oh 68
Fitt’s Law: Towards a Geometric Explanation By Olga KoshelevaVladik Kreinovich, and Octavio Lerma 78
Whoever says the truth shall die By Alexander Soifer 84
Some reflections on a simple geometric problem By Joseph Zaks 93
Book Reviews    
Whoever Said “No” to the Relativity Theory,
A review of Milena Wazeck’s book “Einstein’s Opponents:
The Public Controversy about the Theory of Relativity in the 1920’s”
By Alexander Soifer  

January 2015 (Volume XXIV, Issue 3)

New Lower Bounds on χ (Rdfor d = 8,…12  By Matthew Kahle and Birra Taha  109
Coloring Distance Graphs: A Few Answers and Many Questions
By Benoît R. Kloeckner  117
Interleaving Enhances Learning: A Possible Geometric Explanation By Olga KoshelevaVladik Kreinovich, and Octavio Lerma  135
On Diversity of Metric Spaces of any Infinite Cardinality that are Completely Determined by Almost Every Single Distance By Alexandr Kuzminykh  140
Book Reviews    
A review of Alexander Soifer’s book “The Scholar and the State: In Search of Van der Waerden” By Harold W. Kuhn  148

April 2015 (Volume XXIV, Issue 4)

Unit distance subgraphs of critical graphs… By Tomás Madaraš and Pavol Široczki 157
Measurable colorings of S²r By Greg Malen 172
Dirty Laundry of Ivory Tower By Alexander Soifer 181