Vladik Kreinovich


Geombinatorics Quarterly

Vladik Kreinovich


Article Title: Geometric Aspects of Wound Healing

Co-Authors: Julio C. Urenda

Vol Issue: Vol XXXIII (2), 2023

Page: 70

Article Title: Why Early Galaxies Were Pickle-Shaped: A Geometric Explanation

Co-Authors: Olga Kosheleva

Vol Issue: Vol XXXXIII (2), 2023



Article Title: Why 7 ± 2? A Possible Geometric Explanation

Co-Authors:  Laxman Bokati, and Jordan Katz

Vol Issue: Vol XXX (3) 2014 

Page: 109

Article Title: Geometric Explanation for an Empirical Formula Describing Our Galaxy’s Warping

Co-Authors: Julio Urenda, and Olga Kosheleva

Vol Issue: Vol XXX (4), 2021

Page: 208

Article Title: Interleaving Enhances Learning: A Possible Geometric Explanation

Article Title: Fitt’s Law: Towards a Geometric Explanation

Vol Issue: Vol XXX (3) , 2021

Co Authors: Laxman Bocati and Jordan Katz


Article Title – Nonlinear Mechanical Properties of Road Pavements: Geometric Symmetries Explain the Empirical Difference Between Roads Built on Clay vs. Granular Soils

Co-Authors – Ashfin Gholamy, and 

Vol Issue – Vol XXIX (3) 2020

Page: 78


Article Title: Dynamic Triggering of Earthquakes: Symmetry-Based Geometric Analysis

Vol Issue: Vol XXIX (2), 2019

Co Authors:  Laxman BocatiRichard AlfaroAaron Velasco 

Page: 78


Article Title:  Why Asset-Based Approach to Teaching Is More Effective than the Usual Deficit-Based Approach, and Why the New Approach Is Not Easy to Implement: A Simple Geometric Explanation

Co-Authors: Olga Kosheleva

Vol Issue:  Vol XXVIII (2) 2018 

 Page:  99 


Article Title: Geometric Symmetries Partially Explain why Some Paleolithic Signs Are More Frequent

Co-Authors: Olga Kosheleva

Vol Issue: Vol XXVI (4) 2017 

Page: 141

Article Title: Why the presence of point-wise (“punctate”) calcifications or linear configurations of calcifications makes breast cancer more probable: a geometric explanation

Co-Authors: Olga Kosheleva

Vol Issue : Vol XXVII (2) 2017 

Page:  78


Article Title: Why Injecting Fine Dust into a is more Promising than Injecting Coarse Dust: A Geometric Explanation

Co-Authors:  Octavio Lerma and Olga Kosheleva

Vol Issue: Vol XXV (3) 2016 

Pages: 118

Article Title: Big Data: A Geometric Explanation of a Seemingly Counterintuitive Strategy

Co-Authors:  Olga Kosheleva

Vol Issue:  Vol XXVI (2) 2016 

Page:  71


Article Title: Interleaving Enhances Learning: A Possible Geometric Explanation

Co-Authors: Olga Kosheleva and Octavio Lerma

Vol Issue: Vol XXIV (3) 2015 

Page: 135

Article Title:  A Simple Geometric Model Provides a Possible Quantitative Explanation of the Advantages of Immediate Feedback in Student Learning

Co-Authors: Olga Kosheleva and Octavio Lerma

Vol Issue: Vol XXV (1) 2015

 Page: 22 

Article Title: A Feasible Algorithm for Checking n-Scissors Congruence of Polyhedra in Rd

Co-Authors: Olga Kosheleva

Vol Issue: Vol XXV (2) 2015

 Page: 70