Volume XXVI


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2016 (Volume XXVI, Issue 1)

Non-Tiles and ‘Walls’- a Variant on the Heesch Problem By Erich Friedman and R. Nandakumar 5
Are All Convex Polyhedra Fully Truncable? By Branko Grünbaum 12
The Maximum Crossing Number of the Petersen Graph By Heiko Harborth 16
Coloring Euclidean Spaces So That All Translates of a Given Set Are Rainbow By Peter Johnson and John Ryan 23
A Taste for Duality: Erdős, Dilworth, Gallai, Milgram, and Mirsky By Alexander Soifer 30

October 2016 (Volume XXVI, Issue 2)

Small Order Triangle-Free 4-Chromatic Unit Distance Graphs By Geoffrey Exoo and Dan Ismailescu. 49
Covering Number Product Bound Size By Paul Kainen 65
Big Data: A Geometric Explanation of a Seemingly Counterintuitive Strategy By Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich 71
Graphs with No Grid Representation By János Pach 80
To Walk the Talk: A Letter to the President of IMU Shigefumi Mori By Alexander Soifer 84

Jan 2017 (Volume XXVI, Issue 3)

Golden Triangulations  By Bruce Atkinson and Braxton Carrigan 97
A Unit Distance Graph in the Plane with Fractional Chromatic Number 383/102 By Geoffrey Exoo and Dan Ismailescu 122
Mobilizing Ambiguity of Populism, A Review of “The Third Reich Sourcebook,”Anson Rabinbach and Sander L. Gilman (editors) By Alexander Soifer 128

April 2017 (Volume XXVI, Issue 4)

Geometric Symmetries Partially Explain why Some Paleolithic Signs Are More Frequent By Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich 141
Spectrum of Planar Szlam Number By Christopher Ryan Krizan 149
On Some Indiscretions in the Mathematical Community of Russia: A Ballad in 12 Movements By Alexander Soifer 159