Dan Ismailescu


Geombinatorics Quarterly

Dan Ismailescu


Article Title: A 5-chromatic same-distance graph in the hyperbolic plane

Co-Authors:  Geoffey Exoo

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXII (4) 2023

Page:  49

Article Title: Grid dissections of tangential quadrilaterals

Co-Authors: Erica Choi, Jiho Lee, and
Joonsoo Lee

Vol Issue: Vol XXXII (3) 2023

Page: 101


Article Title: The chromatic number of the Minkowski plane - the regular polygon case.

Co-Authors: Geoffrey Exoo and David Fisher

Vol Issue: Vol XXXI (2) 2021 

 Page: 49


Article Title: A 6-chromatic two-distance graph in the plane

Co-Author: Geoffrey Exoo

Vol Issue: Vol XXIX (3) 2020 

Page: 97


Article Title: Avoiding monochromatic configurations in the multi-colored plane

Co-Authors: Seung Hwan An and Kwon Il Ko

Vol Issue: Vol XXVIII (4) 2019 

Page: 177


Article Title: The Hadwiger-Nelson problem with two forbidden distances

Co-Author: Geoffrey Exoo

Vol Issue: Vol XXVIII (1) 2018

Page: 51


Article Title: Small Order Triangle-Free 4-Chromatic Unit Distance Graphs

Co-Author: Geoffrey Exoo

Vol Issue: Vol XXVI (2) 2016

Page: 49

Article Title: A Unit Distance Graph in the Plane with Fractional Chromatic Number 383/102

Co-Author: Geoffrey Exoo

Vol Issue: Vol XXVI (3) 2016

Page: 122 


Article Title: Note on the unit area triangle problem

Co-Author: Katherine Oh

Vol Issue: Vol XXIV (2) 2014

Page: 68