Volume XXXl


Geombinatorics Quarterly



Issue 1 (July 2021)

Editors Page   4
New Essays    

Factorization of Platonic Polytopes into Canonical Spheres

By Richard H. Hammack and Paul C. Kainen 5

On the Combinatorics of Some Origami Models and Related Graphs

By Zsolt Lengvárszky and John Smith 10

Answer to an Isomorphism Problem in Z2

By Matt Noble 19

Tilings with the Minimal Tile Property

By Iwan Praton 27

Non-Permitted Journeys and Hamiltonian Paths

by Mark Stander


Problematic Book on Ramsey Theory: Alexander Soifer’s Review in 8 movements of “Ramsey Theory: Unsolved Problems and Results”

by Xiaodong XuMeilian Liang and Haipeng Luo


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Issue 2 (October 2021)

Editors Page   48
New Essays    

The chromatic number of the Minkowski plane -the regular polygon case

by Geoffrey Exoo, David Fisher, and Dan Ismailescu 49

Odd-Distance Virtual Edges in Unit-Distance Graphs

by Marijn J.H. Heule 68

Mathematics in the Early XX c. and Her Daughter Emmy Noether: Review in 7 movements of “Emmy Noether – Mathematician Extraordinaire” by David E. Rowe

by Alexander Soifer 77

Regular Matchstick Graphs

by Kin Hern Tan , Li Xiong and Timothy Ho 82

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