Volume XXXl


Geombinatorics Quarterly

Issue 1 (July 2021)

Factorization of Platonic Polytopes into Canonical Spheres

By Richard H. Hammack and Paul C. Kainen 5

On the Combinatorics of Some Origami Models and Related Graphs

ByZsolt Lengvárszky and John Smith 10

Answer to an Isomorphism Problem in Z2

ByMatt Noble 19

Tilings with the Minimal Tile Property

ByIwan Praton 27

Non-Permitted Journeys and Hamiltonian Paths

by Mark Stander


Problematic Book on Ramsey Theory: Alexander Soifer’s Review in 8 movements of “Ramsey Theory: Unsolved Problems and Results”

by Xiaodong XuMeilian Liang and Haipeng Luo


Issue 2 (October 2021)

The chromatic number of the Minkowski plane -the regular polygon case

by Geoffrey Exoo, David Fisher, and Dan Ismailescu 49

Odd-Distance Virtual Edges in Unit-Distance Graphs

by Marijn J.H. Heule 68

Mathematics in the Early XX c. and Her Daughter Emmy Noether: Review in 7 movements of “Emmy Noether – Mathematician Extraordinaire” by David E. Rowe

by Alexander Soifer 77

Regular Matchstick Graphs

by Kin Hern Tan , Li Xiong and Timothy Ho 82

Issue 3 (Jan 2022)

Some Polycubes Have No Edge Zipper Unfolding

by Erik D. Demaine, Martin L. Demaine,
David Eppstein, and Joseph O’Rourke

Two small 6-chromatic unit-distance graphs in R3

by Aubrey de Grey and Asger Haugstrup 110

Smallest Equiprojective Polyhedron

by Masud Hasan, Mohammad Monoar Hossain, Alejandro López-Ortiz, and Sabrina Nusrat 116

A 6-chromatic odd-distance graph in the plane

by Jaan Parts 124
“The detailed treatment of the plenary lectures” promised but not delivered: Review in 7 movements of “Meeting under the Integral Sign? The Oslo Congress of Mathematicians on the Eve of the Second World War” by Christopher D. Hollings and Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze 138

Issue 4 (April 2022)

Taking Sides: Geombinatorics' Response to the War and Boycotts

by Alexander Soifer 148

Is there a better visualization of Coulson's "15-colouring of 3-space omitting [monochromatic] distance one"?

by John Conway,  Aubrey D.N.J de Grey, Jaan Parts, and Alexander Soifer 156

Perfect plinths: a path to resolving the perfect cuboid question?

by Aubrey de Grey 157

Maximum Number of Pseudo Diagonals With a Minimum Number of Multiple Crossings for Convex Polygons

by Heiko Harborth and Christian Thürmann 163
Some Non-Trivial Examples of Equiprojective Polyhedra by Masud Hasan, Mohammad Monoar Hossain, Alejandro López-Ortiz, and Sabrina Nusrat 170
A Simpler Kind of Frobenius Theorem in the Gaussian Integers by Peter Johnson and Travis Pence 178
On the Plane and Its Coloring by Jaan Parts 189