Aubrey de Grey


Geombinatorics Quarterly

Aubrey  de Grey


Article Title:  Novel required properties of, and efficient algorithms to seek, perfect cuboids

Co author: Phillip Gibbs | Louie Helm

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXIII (3) 2024

Page: 107


Article Title:  Tiling the plane with hexagons: improved separations for k-colourings

Co author: Jaan Parts

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXII (2) 2022

Page: 57

Article Title:  On lower bounds of the order of k-chromatic unit distance graphs

Co author: Jaan Parts

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXII (2) 2022

Page: 72

Article Title:  Perfect plinths: a path to resolving the perfect cuboid question?

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXI (4) 2022

Page: 157

Article Title: Is there a better visualization of Coulson's "15-colouring of 3-space omitting [monochromatic] distance one"?

Co author:  John Conway, Jaan Parts and Alexander Soifer

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXIII (4) 2022

Page:  156

Article Title: Two small 6-chromatic unit-distance graphs in R3

Co author: Asger Haugstrup

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXIII (3) 2022

Page:  110


Article Title: A small 6-chromatic unit-distance graph in R3

Vol Issue: Vol XXX (1) 2020 



Article Title: The Chromatic Number of the Plane Is at least 5

Vol Issue:  Vol XXVIII (1) 2018

Page:  18