Alexander Soifer


Geombinatorics Quarterly

Alexander Soifer


Article Title:  There is no censorship in the Western World, or is there? An essay in six movements

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXII (2) 2022

Page: 87

Article Title:  Popularizing History: Karl-Friedrich Bonhoeffer and His Friends, A Review of “The Scientific World of Karl- Friedrich Bonhoeffer: The Entanglement of Science, Religion, and Politics” by Kathleen L. Housley

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXII (1) 2022

Page: 48

Article Title:  Is there a better visualization of Coulson's "15-colouring of 3-space omitting [monochromatic] distance one"?

Co-Author:  Aubrey D.N.J de Grey, Jaan Parts, and John Conway

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXI (4) 2022

Page: 156

Article Title:  Taking Sides: Geombinatorics' Response to the War and Boycotts

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXI (4) 2022 

Page:  148


Article Title:  Mathematics in the Early XX c. and Her Daughter Emmy Noether: Review in 7 movements of “Emmy Noether – Mathematician Extraordinaire” by David E. Rowe

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXI (2) 2021 

Page:  77

Article Title:  We have nothing to lose except everything

Vol Issue:  Vol XXX (3), 2021

Page: 152


Article Title:  A Square-Grid Coloring Problem

Co-Authors: Matthew KahleFrancisco Martinez-Figueroa

Vol Issue: Vol XXIX (4), 2020 

Page: 167

Remembering John Horton Conway

Remembering  Ronald Lewis Graham

Vol Issue: Vol XXX (30), 2020 

Pages:  53, 56

Article Title: Moral Principles for My Young Colleagues, or A Tale of Big Man and Little Bird

Vol Issue:  Vol XXX (4), 2020 

Page:  40


Article Title:  Branko, My Teacher, Collaborator, and Friend

Vol Issue:  Vol XXVIII (3) 2019 

Page: 139 

Article Title: Chromatic Problems and Prizes

Vol Issue:  Vol XXVIII (4) 2019 

Page:  206 

Article Title: The International Mathematics Union Abacus Medal

Vol Issue:  Vol XXIX (1) 2019 

Page: 33


Article Title:  Laureates on Their Rolf Nevanlinna Prize and the Secrecy IMU President Shigefumi Mori

Vol Issue: Vol XXVII (3) 2018 

Page:  121

Article Title: Have the Russians Infiltrated Congressus Numerantium?

Vol Issue:  Vol XXVII (4) 2018 

Page: 162

Article Title:  Progress in My Favorite Open Problem of Mathematics, Chromatic Number of the Plane: An Étude in Five Movements

Vol Issue:  Vol XXVIII (1) 2018 

Page: 5

Article Title: Truth, Like Water, Finds Its Way Out

Vol Issue: Vol XXVIII (2) 2018 

Page: 106 


Article Title: Mobilizing Ambiguity of Populism, A Review of “The Third Reich Sourcebook,” Anson Rabinbach and Sander L. Gilman (editors)

Vol Issue : Vol XXVI (3) 2017 

Page:  128

Article Title: The Secretive Life of the International Mathematics Union

Vol Issue : Vol XXVII (1) 2017 

Page:  20

Article Title:  An Open Letter to All Nine Rolf Nevanlinna Prize Laureates

Vol Issue : Vol XXVII (2) 2017 



Article Title:  Should We Accept the German Proposal of Their Monopoly on the Third Reich History?

Vol Issue: Vol XXV (3) 2016 

Page: 123

Article Title:  A Taste for Duality: Erdös, Dilworth, Gallai, Milgram and Mirsky

Vol Issue:  Vol XXVI (1) 2016

Page:  30 

Article Title:  To Walk the Talk: A Letter to the President of IMU Shigefumi Mori

Vol Issue:  Vol XXVI (2) 2016  

Page: 84


Article Title: Dirty Laundry of Ivory Tower

Vol Issue : Vol XXIV (4) 2015 

Page: 181

Article Title:  Book review,  A Book is Born: “Topics in Chromatic Graph Theory”By Robin J. Wilson and Lowell W. Beineke (ed’s)

Vol Issue:  Vol XXV (1) 2015 

Pages: 45

Article Title:  Truth, like water, will find its way out: My Response to Günter M. Ziegler and the Deutsche Mathematiker-Vereinigun

Vol Issue:  Vol XXV (2) 2015 

Page:  76

Article Title:  Book review, Whoever Said “No” to the Relativity Theory, A Review of Milena Wazeck’s book “Einstein’s Opponents: The public Controversy about the Theory of Relativity in the 1920

Vol Issue : Vol XXIV (3) 2015 

Page:  99


Article Title:  A spoon of tar can spoil a barrel of honey

Vol Issue:  Vol XXIII (4) 2014 

Page:  186

Article Title: Einstein’s Cocktail of Profundity & Humor, A Review of Albert Einstein, The Human Side: Glimpses from His Archivesby Albert Einstein; Helen Dukas Banesh Hoffmann (ed’s)

Vol Issue : Vol XXIV (1) 2014 

Page:  32

Article Title:  Whoever says the truth shall die!

Vol Issue:  Vol XXIV (2) 2014 

Page:  84