Heiko Harborth


Geombinatorics Quarterly

Heiko  Harborth


Article Title:  Bounds for Rook Domination on Triangular Hexagon Boards

Co authors: Alewyn Burger and Hauke Nienborg

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXIV (1) 2024

Page: 5

Article Title:  The Crossing Spectrum of K3 , n

Co author: Budsaraphorn Tanmuiho

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXIII (4) 2024

Page: 141


Article Title:  Maximum Number of Pseudo Diagonals With a Minimum Number of Multiple Crossings for Convex Polygons

Co-Author:  Christian Thürmann

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXI (4) 2022

Page: 163


Article Title:  Numbers of Crossings for Cycle Graphs

Co-Author:  Alewyn P. Burger and Meinhard Möller

Vol Issue:  Vol XXVIII (3) 2019

Page: 150


Article Title:  Snaky is an Edge-to-Edge Looser

Co-Author:  Markus Seemann

Vol Issue:  Vol V (4) 1996 

Page:  132


Article Title:  The Maximum Crossing Number of the Petersen Graph

Vol Issue:  XXVI (1)

Page:  16 


Article Title:  Kings on Triangular Honeycombs

Co-Author:  Peter Stark

Vol Issue:  Vol VII (4) 1998 

Page:  117


Article Title:  Dangerous Events with Paul Erdös

Vol Issue:  Vol XXII (4) 2013 

Page:  135


Article Title:  Vertex-to-Vertex Packings of Congruent Regular Polygons

Vol Issue:  XVIII (3) 2009 

Page:  109

Article Title:  A Sausage Conjecture For Edge-To-Edge Regular Pentagons

Co-Author:  Jens-P. Bode

Vol Issue: Vol XIX (2) 2009 

Page:  60


Article Title: Triangle Mosaics

Co-Author:  Jens-P. BodeMeinhard Möller

Vol Issue:  Vol XVI (4) 2007

Article Title:  Saturated Vertex-to-Vertex Packings of Unit Tetrahedra

Co-Author: Meinhard Möller

Vol Issue:  Vol XVII (2) 2007 

Page: 53


Article Title:  Complete Vertex-to-Vertex packings of Congruent Equilateral Triangles

Co-Author:  Meinhard Möller

Vol Issue:  Vol XI (4) 2002 

Page:  115


Article Title:  Minimum Saturated Packings of Congruent Integer Triangles

Co-Author:  Meinhard Möller

Vol Issue:  Vol IX (2) 1999 

Page:  63