Volume XXII


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2012 (Volume XXII, Issue 1)

Incenters and Incircles By Branko Grünbaum 5
On Covering of Any Point Configuration by Disjoint Unit Disks By Yosuke OkayamalMasashi Kiyomi, and Ryuhei Uehara 14
The Birth of a Problem By Alexander Soifer 24

October 2012 (Volume XXII, Issue 2)

Toward an Uncountable Analogue of Gallai’s Theorem for Colorings of the Plane By Jeremy F. Alm 45
The (3, 5, 7) Triangle is Ramsey in E2 By Dwight Bean 51
A Saturated Packing of 37 Regular Tetrahedra By Peter Fazekas and Otto Röschel 58
Midpoint Polygon Inversion Revisited By Branko Grünbaum 63
Frobenius Problems in Integral Domain By Peter Johnson and Nicole Looper 71

January 2013 (Volume XXII, Issue 3)

Deflection constructions By Branko  Grünbaum 93
Unbounded Strictly Convex Bodies with Unusual Topological Properties in the Hyperbolic Space By Aleksandr Kuz’minykhi 101
Tiling a unit square with 8 squares By Iwan Praton 109
Bounds for Covers of Unit Arcs By John E. Wetzel 116
Letters to the Editor    
A Lovely bunch of coconuts By John E. Wetzel 123

April 2013 (Volume XXII, Issue 4)

Reminiscences of Paul
Dangerous Events with Paul Erdös By Heiko Harborth 135
Dinner with Paul Erdös and Johann Pachelbel By Cecil Rousseau 137
Personal Memories of Erdös By Hegle Tverberg 139
Problems of Paul Erdös    
Paul Erdös at 100 and his Problem Book: an Etude in Six Movements By Alexander Soifer 140
Essays in Erdosian Mathematics    
Enumeration of self-intersecting and simple concave quadrilaterals via paired partitions By Orlando B. Alonso 157
On the Chromatic Numbers of Some 3-Uniform Hypergraphs in the Plane By Katherine BennettPeter JohnsonJessie Deering, William Jamieson,
and Adam Purcilly
Did you Really Prove That? By Branko Grünbaum 171
New Euler Relation Questions for Convex 3-Dimensional Polytopes By Joseph Malkevitch 178
Two and Half Billion Years of Distance Research By Filip Moriċ and János Pach 182
The Odd-Distance Graph By Moshe Rosenfeld 192