Peter D Johnson, Jr.


Geombinatorics Quarterly

Peter D. Johnson, Jr.


Article Title:  A Simpler Kind of Frobenius Theorem in the Gaussian Integers

Co-Author: Travis Pence

Vol Issue:  Vol XXXI (4) 2022

Page: 178


Article Title:  On the Independence Numbers of the Van der Waerden and cyclic Van der Waerden Hypergraphs W(k; t) and Wc(k; t) when and Are Powers of the Same Prime

Co-Author: Zechun Yang

Vol Issue: Vol XXVIII (4) 2019 

Page: 191


Article Title: Two Consequences of the Recent Discovery that χ (R², 1) > 4

Vol Issue: Vol XXVIII (2) 2018 

Page: 87 


Article Title: On a 3-Uniform Hypergraph Coloring Problem in the Integers

Co-Author:  Loren Anderson

Vol Issue:  Vol XXV (3) 2016 

Page:  93 

Article Title: Coloring Euclidean Spaces So That All Translates of a Given Set Are Rainbow

Co-Author:  John Ryan

Vol Issue:  Vol XXVI (1), 2016

 Page: 23 


Article Title: A Very Short Proof of a Well-Known Fact About Circles in the Plane

Co-Author:  Matt Noble

Vol Issue:  Vol XXV (2) 2015 

Page:  65


Article Title:  Constructively coloring the line

Co-Author: Loren Anderson

Vol Issue:  Vol XXII (2) 2013 

Page:  52


Article Title:  An Easier Analogue of a Difficult Old Euclidean Coloring Problem

Co-Author:  A. W. BohanonE.G. Thomas

Vol Issue: Vol XII (3) 2003 

Page:  94


Article Title:  Yet Another Species of Forbidden-Distances Chromatic Number

Co-Author:  Aaron Abrams

Vol Issue:  Vol X (3) 2001 

Page:  89

Article Title:  The Chromatic Numbers of Some Euclidean Distance

Co-Authors: A.W. BohanonJeremy Lanig, and Robert Rubalcaba

Vol Issue:  Vol X (4) 2001 

Page: 141


Article Title:  Introduction to “Colorings of Metric Spaces” by Benda and Perles

Vol Issue:  Vol IX (3) 2000 

Page:  110

Article Title: Infinite Graphs and the Fractional Chromatic Number: Some Recent Surprises

Vol Issue: Vol IX (3) 2000

 Page: 135

Article Title:  Problems Posed In or Arising From “Colorings of Metric Spaces”: Status Report

Vol Issue:  Vol IX (4) 2000 

Page:  170


Article Title:  More on the Fractional Chromatic Number

Vol Issue: Vol IX (1) 1999 

Page: 10


Article Title: About Two Definitions of the Fractional Chromatic Number

Vol Issue: Vol V (3) 1996 

Page:  99


Article Title:  The Choice Number of the Plane

Vol Issue:  Vol III (4) 1994 

Page:  122



Article Title: Functions Which Preserve Unit Distance

Co-Author:  Don Greenwell

Vol Issue:  Vol II (3) 1993 

Page: 61



Article Title – Product Colorings

Vol Issue – Vol I (3) 1992 

Page – 11

Article Title – Forbidding Prescribed Distances for Denigrated Colors

Co-Author – Don Greenwell

Vol Issue – Vol II (1) 1992 

Page:  13