Volume x


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2000 (Volume X, Issue 1)

Upper Chromatic Numbers: An Update By Aaron Abrams 4
Squares in a Square: And One-Line Question By Andris Ambainis and William Gasarch 12
On an Erdös Problem for Distances in Convex Polygons By Peter Fishburn 17
Connected (n4) Configurations Exists for Almost All n By Branko Grünbaum 24
An Optimality Criterion for Arithmetic of Complex Sets By Vladik Kreinovich and Jürgen Wolf von Gudenberg 31
Sets with “Almost Natural” Distances By Aleksandr Kuz’minykh 38
Semimagic Tiling on an Asymmetrical Tile By Peter Raedschelders 45

October 2000 (Volume X, Issue 2)

Flipping Your Lid By Hee-Kap AhnProsenjit BoseJurek CzyzowiczNicolas HanusseEvanlegos Kranakis, and Pat Morin. 57
A Ramsey- Type Theorem for Bipartite Graphs By Paul ErdösAndràs Hajnal, and Jànos Pach. 64
A Generalization of the Chromatic Number of the Plane By Mathew Kahle 69
Coloring Space Tilings of Generalized Parallelograms By Thomas Q. Sibley 75
A Geometric Approach of Classification of Trash in Ginned Cotton By Murali SiddaiahMichael A. LiebermanNadipuram R. Prasad, and Vladik Kreinovich 77

January 2001 (Volume X, Issue 3)

Yet Another Species of Forbidden-Distances Chromatic Number By Jan BeckVladik Kreinovich, and Brian Penn 89
Which Sensor Set is Better for Monitoring Spacecraft Subsystems? A Geometric Answer and its Probabilistic Generalization By Mathew Barry and Vladik Kreinovich 96
Problems on Approximation by Triangles By Peter Brass and Marek Lassak 103
A Relative of “Napolean’s Theorem” By Branko Grünbaum 116
Convex Isosceles triangle Polyhedra By Joseph Malkevitch 122

April 2001 (Volume X, Issue 4)

The Chromatic Numbers of Some Euclidean Distance Graphs By Aaron BohanonPeter JohnsonJeremy Lanig and Robert Rubalcaba 141
A Convex Polyhedron which is not Equifacettable By Branko Grünbaum 165
A New Connection Between Two Kinds of Euclidean Coloring Problems By P.D. Johnson Jr. and A.D. Szalm 172
Book Review    
One More Biography of Paul Erdos: A Review of the Book by Bruce Schecter
“My Brain is Open: The Mathematical Journeys of Paul Erdös”
By Alexander Soifer 179