Aleksandr V. Kuz’minykh


Geombinatorics Quarterly

Aleksandr V. Kuz’minykh


Article Title:  On Topological Diversity of Unbounded Convex Bodies in the Hyperbolic Space

Vol Issue:  Vol XXI (3), 2012 

Page: 101

Article Title:  Unbounded Strictly Convex Bodies with usually Topological Bodies Properties in the Hyperbolic Space

Vol Issue: Vol XXII (3), 2012 

Page: 101

Article Title:  On Diversity of Metric Spaces of any Infinite Cardinality that are Completely Determined by Almost Every Single Distance

Vol Issue:  Vol XXII (3), 2012

 Page: 140


Article Title: On Graphs that Cannot Be Represented by Linked Compact Sets

Vol Issue: Vol XVIII (3), 2009 

Page: 129


Article Title: On Representations of Graphs with Continuum Many Vertices by Linked Congruent Curves

Vol issue:  Vol XVII (3), 2008 

Page: 129


Article Title: Representations of Colored Infinite Graphs by Touching Affinely Equivalent Convex Bodies

Vol Issue:  Vol XVI (3) 2006 

Page:  297


Article Title:  Polyhedral Approximations of the Sphere and Representations of Graphs

Co Author: Chris Bailey-Kellogg

Vol Issue:  Vol XV (4) 2005 

Page: 183


Article Title:  Polyhedral Approximations of the Sphere with the Unusual Geometric and Topological Properties

Co Author:  Chris Bailey-Kellog

Vol Issue:  Vol XIV (2), 2004 

Page:  55


Article Title:  On Packing with Similar Sets

Vol Issue:   Vol XII (2), 2003  

Page:  76

Article Title: On Representations of Graphs by Linked Congruent Convex Curves

Vol Issue:  Vol XIII (1), 2003 

Page:  19


Article Title:  Large Sets Moving through a Narrow Hole

Vol Issue:  Vol XI (3), 2002 

Page:  91


Article Title:  Sets with “Almost Natural” Distances

Vol Issue:  Vol X (1), 2000 

Page: 38


Article Title: Sets with Integral Distances and a Coloring of Edges of an Infinite Graph 

Vol Issue:  Vol VII (4), 1998 

Page: 132

Article Title:  On a Partition of Sets into Homothetic Parts

Vol Issue:  Vol VIII (2), 1998 

Page:  50


Article Title:  About a Problem Concerning Functions which Preserve Unit Distance

Vol Issue:  Vol III (4) 1994

 Page: 137