Volume XVI


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2006 (Volume XVI, Issue 1)

Coloring the Rational Points to Forbid the Distance One- A Tentative History and Compendium By Peter Johnson 209
A Sharper Upper Bound for Cover-Up Squared By Dmytro Karabash and Alexander Soifer 219
On the Number of Euclidean Ordinary Points for Lines in the Plane By Jonathan Lenchner and Hervé  Brönnimann 227
About the Proffs of the Packing of 16, 25 and 36 Equal Circles on a Square By Charles Payan and Ahmed Sermi 235
Book Reviews    
Homage to Leo Moser, A Review of Collected Papers of Leo Moser, Edited by William Moser and Paul Ribenboim By Alexander Soifer 242
Errata  (Re. an essay by János Pach and Gézá Tóth) 244

October 2006 (Volume XVI, Issue 2)

To Paul Erdös By Alexander Soifer 253
Connected (n4) Configurations Exist for Almost All n- Second Update By Branko Grünbaum 5
Small Extension to Geometric Etudes By Dmytro Karabash 8
A Note on the Rooted Loopless Planar Maps By Dânut Marcu 19
Consequences of Geometry for Species Adaption By Michael A. Woodley and Kenneth J. Sikes 34
Book Reviews   41
The Passions of Brouwer, A Review of Dirk van Dalen’s Mystic, Geometer, and Intuitionist: The Life of L.E. J. Brouwer By Alexander Soifer 278
Playing Games with Martin Gardner, A Review of Martin Gardner’s Mathematical Games: The Entire Collection of His Scientific American Column By Alexander Soifer 285

December 2006 (Volume XVI, Issue 3)

The Case of the Case of Dr. Dânut Marcu: Serial Plagiarism and Signing False Statements By Alexander Soifer 293
Representations of Colored Infinite Graphs by Touching Affinely Equivalent Convex Bodies By Aleksandr V. Kuz’minykh 297
In Search of Van der Waerden, the Early Years By Alexander Soifer 305

April 2007 (Volume XVI, Issue 4)

Triangle Mosaics By Jens-P. BodeHeiko Harborth, and Michael Tiemeyer 349
B1(Q3)=4 By Peter JohnsonAndrew Schneider, and Michael Tiemeyer 356
On Shelah-Soifer Class of Graphs By Dmytro Karabash and Alexander Soifer 363
On the Wanted Folkman Graph By Stainislaw Radziszowki and Xu Xiaodong 367