Volume XI


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2001 (Volume XI, Issue I)

Editors Page   4
New Essays    
Geombinatoric Aspects of Processing Large Images and Large Images Spatial Databases By Jan BeckVladik Kreinovich, and Brian Penn 6
Getting Circles into Equal Area Pieces By Procenjit BoseJurek CzyzowiczEvangelos KranakisDanny Krizanc
and Anil Maheshwari
On Polygons Enclosing Point Sets By Jurek Czyzowicz 21
A Note on Packing Clones By Pavel Novotný. 29

October 2001 (Volume XI, Issue 2)

Editors Page   36
New Essays    
Enumerating and Constructing Essentially Equivalent Lattice Paths By Rick Gilman 37
A Starshaped Poluhedrom with No Net By Branko Grünbaum. 43
A New Bound for the Chromatic Number of the Rational Five Space By Matthias Mann 49
Geombinatorics of “Smart Dust” By Edward VidalLue LongpréVladik Kreinovich, and Huang Haitao 54

January 2002 (Volume XI, Issue 3)

Editors Page   64
New Essays    
On Covering a Set of Points by Disk By Stéphan Ceroi. 65
Constant Neighbor Dihedral Tilings with 15, 32 and 43 Neighbors By Erich Friedman 74
The Grunert Point of Pentagons By Branko Grünbaum 78
An Optimality Criterion for Arithmetic of Complex sets By Vladik Kreinovich and Jurgen Wolf von Grudenberg 85
Large Sets Moving Through a Narrow Hole By Aleksandr Kuz’minykh 91
Recent Books   99

April 2002 (Volume XI, Issue 4)

Editors Page   104
New Essays    
What is the Best Way to Draw a Cube? By Brian d’AuriolKumar ChikkapaiahBindu GeorgeVladik Kreinovich and
Florence Muganda
No-Net Polyhedra By Branko Grünbaum 111
Compelte Vertex-to Vertex Packings of Congruent Equilateral Triangles By Heiko Harborth and Meinhard Möller 115
A Butterssed Octahedron By Lew RobertsonMichael Schweitzer an Stan Wagon 119