Volume XIII


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2003 (Vol XIII, Issue 1)

Graphs of Essentially Equivalent Lattice Paths By Marjorie BrewerAdam Hughes, and Lara Pudwell 5
Partridge Numbers By Patrick Hamlyn and Erich Friendman 10
On Representations of Graphs by Linked Congruent Convex Curves By Aleksandr Kuz’minykh 19
Relative Distance and Packing a Body by Homothetical Copies By Zsolt Lanig and Marek Lassak 29
Chromatic Number of the Plane Part III: Its Future By Saharon Shelah and Alexander Soifer 41
Combinatorial Games    
Combinatorial Games By Samee Ullah Kahn 47
Book Reviews    
Advances in Digital and Computational Geometry By Vladik Kreinovich 50
Letters to the Editor    
A Letter by Stan Wagon   55

October 2003 (Vol XIII, Issue 2)

(1-2-3)-Complexes By Branko Grünbaum 65
Packing Clones in Triangles By Janus Januszewski 73
Open-Ended Configurations of Radio Telescopes: A Geometrical Analysis By Vladik KrienovichScott A. StarksDima Iourinski, Olga Kosheleva
and Andrei Finkelstein
Hunting Unit- Distance Graphs in Rational n-Spaces By Mathis Mann 86
Midpoints of Segments Induced by a Point Set By Jànos Pach 98
Combinatorial Games    
Combinatorial Games: Tchoukaillion By Samee Ullah Khan 106

January 2004 (Vol XIII, Issue 3)

Tiling the Chair By Mike Durante and Viorel Nitika 117
Are Prisms and Antiprisms Boring? (part 1) By Branko Grünbaum 123
Why Benchmarking is an (Asymptotically) Optimal Approach to Numerical Methods: A Geombinatoric Proof By Vladik Krienovich and Scott A. Starks 131
On Coloring Finite Planes of Odd Order By Dânut Marcu 139
Identities for Lucas Numbers By Alice McLeod and William Moser 141
Combinatorial Games    
Combinatorial Games: Towers for the K- Peg Game By Samee Ullah Khan 148
Book Reviews    
Terror and Exile: Persecution and Expulsion of Mathematicians from Berlin between 1933 and 1945: By Johen Bruning, Dirk Ferus, and Reinhard Siegmund-Schulze A Review by Alexander Soifer 153

April 2004 (Vol XIII, Issue 4)

Open Problems in Euclidean Ramsey Theory By Ron Graham 165
A Result in the Projective Plane By Dânut Marcu 178
Wild Polyomino Weak (1,2)- Achievement Games By Nándor Sieben 180
Examples on the Plane and Rn By Alexander Soifer and Sharon Shelah 186
A Note on Coloring the Plane Grid By David R. Wood 193
Book Reviews    
Public Life of Mathematics under the Nazis: A review of Sanford L. Segal’s Mathematics under the Nazis By Alexander Soifer 197