Volume XVII


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2007 (Volume XVII, Issue 1)

A Note on Cover-Up Conjecture By Janusz Januszewski 5
The Tile Packing Problem By Ares Legae and Phillip Dutré 8
Sudoku Puzzles in Context of External Problems for Latin Square Codes By J. Quistorff 19
A Geometric Proof of a Combinatorial Second Order of Recurrence By Oliver Pfeiffer 34

October 2007 (Volume XVII, Issue 2)

Saturated Vertex-to-Vertex Packing’s of Unit Tetrahedra By Heiko Harborth and Meinhard Möller 53
Geombinatorial Mixed Hypergraph Coloring Problems   57
On the Soifer Fifty Dollar Problem. Part I: Construction By Dmytro Karabash 68
Flight Cessna 771 Revisited: Geometry of a Plane Rescue By Olga Kosheleva 78
Chromatic Number of the Plane Theorem in Solovay’s Ser Theory By Alexander Soifer 85
On the Erdös Square-Packing Conjecture
By William Staton and Benton Tyler 88

January 2008 (Volume XVII, Issue 3)

Remembering Victor Klee    
In Memory of Victor Klee By Branko Grünbaum 101
Remembering Vic By Moshe Rosenfeld 105
Victor Klee as a Referee By Alexander Soifer 111
New Essays    
Covering a Cube of Edge n+E with Unit Cubes By Janusz Januszewski 113
4=B1(Q3) = B1(Q4)! By Peter Johnson 117
On the Soifer Fifty Dollar Problem. Part II: The Existence of the Counterexample to the Conjecture By Dmytro Karabash 124
On Representations of Graphs with Continuum Many Verticals by Linked Congruent Curves By Aleksandr Kuz’minykh 129

April 2008 (Volume XVII, Issue 4)

Square Packings in the Flat Torus By Thierry Gensane and Phillipe Ryckelynk 141
On Angles Formed by N Points of the Euclidean and Hyperbolic Planes By Ghislain Jaudon and Hugo Parlier 157
On Counting Regular Polygons Formed by Special Families of Parallel Lines By Noah Priluck 166
Book Reviews   172
The Man of Choice, a Review of Heinz-Dieeter Ebbinghaus’s Ernst: An Approach to His Life and Work By Alexander Soifer