Volume XV


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2005 to April 2006 {Volume XV, Issue 1)

Two Possible, But Incomplete Proofs of a Euclidean Coloring Theorem By Peter Johnson 5
On Covering of Trigons By Dmytro Karabash and Alexander Soifer 13
Geometry of Protein Structures. I. Why Hyperbolic Suffices are a Good Approximation for Beta-Sheets By Boguslaw Stec and Vladik Kreinovich 18
Cover-Up Squared II By Alexander Soifer 28
32 Two- Colored Points with No Empty Monochromatic Convex Fourgons By Rob van Gulik 32
The Classical Worm Problem- A Status Report By John E. Wetzel 34
Letters to the Editor By Connie Campbell and William Staton 43
Monthly “Borrows” Geombinatorics’ Squares. Part II Alexander Soifer 44
Errata   173

October 2005 (Volume XV, Issue 2)

The Orchard Relation of Planar Configurations of Points I By Rolan Bacher and David Garber 54
Are Prisms and Antiprisms Boring? (Part III) By Branko Grünbaum 69
Separoids and a Tverberg-Type Problem By Ricardo Strausz 79
Letters to the Editor By John E. Wetzel 92

January 2006 (Volume XV, Issue 3)

Imaginary Coloring By Jean-Paul Delahaye 101
The Orchard Relation of Planar Configurations of Points II By Roland Bacher and David Garber 120
Covering Squares with Unit Squares By Mathew Kahle 130
Scatters, Unavoidable Shapes, and Crystallization By Mathew Kahle 138
Comment on Fox News By Jânos Pach and Gézá Tóth 150

April 2006 (Volume XV, Issue 4)

On Open Packing and Total Coverings of Two Dimensional Grid Graphs By Paul Dorbec and Sylvian Gravier 161
A 2- Chain can Interlock with an Open 11-Chain By Julie GlassBin LuJoseph O’Rourke, and Jianyuan K. Zhong 166
Two Theorems Concerning the Babai Numbers By Peter Johnson and Albert Lee 177
Polyhedral Approximations of the Sphere and Representations or Graphs By Aleksandr V. Kuz’minykh and Chris Bailey-Kellogg 183
Book Reviews    
The Failed Tests. A Review of M. Schifman’s, editor, You Failed Your Math Test, Comrade Einstein: Adventures and Misadventures of Young Mathematicians By Alexander Soifer 191
The Book is now a book. A Review of P. Brass, W. Moser, and J. Pach’s Research Problems is Discrete Geometry By Alexander Soifer 196