Volume XII


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2002 (Volume XII, Issue 1)

Editors Page   4
New Essays    
On the Maximum of Some Extreme Geometric Configurations in the Plane By Arian Dumitrescu 5
Connected (n4) Configurations Exist for Almost all n- An Update By Branko Grünbaum 15
Packing Similar Rectangles in a Rectangle By Janusz Januszewski 24
A Geometric Interpretation for a Game with Evolving Rules By Alexander Soifer 31
Book Reviews    
STMMETRY by Hans Walser A Review by Alexander Soifer 38
Recent Books   40

April 2003 (Volume XII, Issue 2)

Editors Page: Geombinatorics under Siege   48
Academic Rights Watch Group as an Example of an Attempt of Academic Survival By Alexander Soifer 51
New Essays    
Squares Touching a Constant Number of Other Squares By Erich Friedman 55
A Simple Method of Translative Packing Triangles in a Triangle By Janusz Januszewski 61
Was there Satan’s Face in the World Trade Center Fire? A Geometirc Analysis By Vladik Kreinovich and Dima Iourinski 69
On Packing with Similar Sets By Aleksandr Kuz’minykh 76
O(n3) Bounds for the Area of a Convex Lattice n-gon By Stanley Rabinowitz 85
Recent Books   76

January 2003 (Vol XII, Issue 3)

Dedication to Paul Erdös   92
Editors Page   93
New Essays    
An Easier Analogue of a Difficult Old Euclidean Coloring Problem By A.W. BohanonP.D. Johnson, and E.G. Thomas 94
Tiling and Colorings of 3-Space By David Coulson 102
A Most Localized 3-Coloring of a Penrose Tiling’s By William Paulsen 117
Chromatic Number of the Plane and its relatives Part I: The Problem and its History By Alexander Soifer 131
Errata   149

April 2003 (Vol XII, Issue 4)

Editors Page   156
New Essays    
On the Number of Points at Distance at Least 1 in the Unit Cube By Vojtec Balint and Vojtecj Balint Jr 157
Families of Point-Touching Squares By Branko Grünbaum 167
Slice Two-Colorings That Forbid Monochromatic Translates of Many Doubletons By P.D. Johnson 175
On Four Point of a Convex Body in Large Relative Distances By Zsolt Lanig and Marek Lassak 184
Chromatic Number of the Plane and its Relatives Part II: Polychromatic Number and 6-Coloring By Alexander Soifer 191
Combinatorial Games    
Modular N-Queen By Samee Ullah Kahn 217
Recent Books   222