Volume VIII


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 1998 (Volume VIII, Issue 1)

On the Diameters of Sets with Maximum Number of Unit Distances By Peter Brass 149
How many Triangles? By Branko Grünbaum 154
How to Define and Average of Several Sets? II By Vladik Kreinovich and Ilya Molchanov 160
Packing Clones in Convex Figures By Alexander Soifer 166
Chromatic-Number-Type Theorems are Logically Non- Trivial By Wei Wang and Olga Koshelva. 169

October 1998 (Volume VIII, Issue 2)

Self intersections of Polygons By Branko Grünbaum 37
On Geometry of Radio Antenna Placements By Olga Koshelva 46
On a Partition of Sets into Homothetic Parts By Aleksandr V. Kuz’minykh 50
A Box in a Grid By Werner W.A. Raffke 55
Book Reviews    
The Man Who Loved Only Numbers: The Story of Paul Erdös and Search for Mathematical Truth, By Paul Hoffman
By Alexander Soifer

January 1999 (Volume VII, Issue 3)

Duplicate Distances in Subsets on Finite Planar Sets By Paul Erdos and Peter Fishburn. 73
Selfinsections of Polyarcs By Branko Grünbaum 78
Fast Implementations of Morphological Operations Using Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) By Olga KoshleveaSergio D. CabreraGlenn A. Gibson, and Misha Kosheleva 86

April 1999 (Volume VIII, Issue 4)

Heesch Tiles with Surround Numbers 3 and 4 By Erich Friedman 101
The Search for Symmetric Venn Diagrams By Branko Grünbaum 104
Packing Triangles in Triangles By Alexander Soifer 110
Locating the Whole Patters in Better than Locating its Pieces: A Geometric Explanation of an Empirical Phenomenon By Scott A. Starks and Vladik Kreinovich 116