Volume XIV


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2004 (Volume XIV, Issue 1)

Empty Monochromatic Fourgons in Two-Colored Point Sets By Peter Brass 5
Cover-Up By John H. Conway and Alexander Soifer 8
Are Prisms and Antiprisms Really Boring? (Part 2) By Branko Grünbaum 10
A Note to Triangles in Graphs By Dânut Marcu 18
In Search for van der Waerden, Leipzig and Amsterdam, 1931-1945. Part I: Leipzig By Alexander Soifer 21
Book Reviews    
To Live, To Die, or To Compromise?
A review of Maria Geogiadou’s Contrantin Caratheodory: Mathematics and Politics in Turbulent Times
By Alexander Soifer 197

October 2004 (Volume XIV, Issue 2)

30 Two-Colored Points with no Monochromatic Convex Fourgons By Erich Friedman 53
Polyhedrak Approximations of the Sphere with Unusual Geometric and Topological Properties By Aleksandr Kuz’minykh and Chris Bailey-Kellogg 55
Detecting Cracks in Thin Plates by Using Lamb Wave Scanning: Geometric Approach By Roberto OseguedaVladik KrienovichEnrique Roldan, and Rodrigo Mares 62
In Search for van der Waerden, Leipzig and Amsterdam, 1931-1945. Part II: Amsterdam, 1945 By Alexander Soifer 72
Book Reviews    
A Review of Ban Ye Wu and Kun-Mao Chao Spanning Trees and Optimization Problems By P.D. Johnson, Jr 103

January 2005 (Volume XIV, Issue 3)

On the Density of a Translative Packing of Equilateral Triangles By Janusz Januszewski 117
In Search for van der Waerden, Leipzig and Amsterdam, 1931-1945. Part III: Amsterdam, 1946-1951 By Alexander Soifer 124
Book Reviews    
Money in Service of Mathematics: A Review of Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze’s Rockefeller anf the Internationalization of Mathematics Between the Two World Wars By Alexander Soifer 162
A Geometer’s Bible: A Review of J.E. Goodman and J. O’Rourke, editors’ Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry By Alexander Soifer 166
What is a Mathematician’s Idea of Fun? A Review of Peter Winkler’s Mathematical Puzzles: A Conniosseur’s Collection  By  Alexander Soifer 170

April 2005 (Volume XIV, Issue 4)

Featured Essay    
On Stephen P. Townshen’s 1979 Proof By Alexander Soifer 181
Coloring the Plane with No Monochrome Units By Stephen P. Townshend 184
Covering Isosceles Right Triangles with Isosceles Right Triangles By Ren DingChangquing Xu, and Liping Yuan 194
Small Configurations with Many Incidences By Branko Grünbaum 200
Consequences of the Pentagon Property By Stanly Rabinowitz 208
Cover-Up Squared By Alexander Soifer 221
Monthly “Borrows” Geombinatorics’ Squares. By Alexander Soifer 170