Volume V


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 1995 (Volume V, Issue 1)

Editors Page   3

Issai Schur 1875-1995

On the 120th Anniversary of the Birth of Schur by Paul Erdös 4
Issai Schur: Ramsey Theory before Ramsey by Alexander Soifer 6

New Essays

How to Convexify a Polygon by Branko Grünbaum 24
A 40 Vertex 4-Chromatic Triangle-Free Unit Distance Graph by Paul O’Donnell 30
Towards a Simpler Proff of the Brouwer Fixed Point Theorem by Joseph Zaks 35
Recent Books   38

October (Volume V, Issue 2)

Editors Page   44
New Essays    
TChoosability versus Chromaticity by Tommy R. JensenBjarne Toft 45
The List-Chromatic Number of Euclidean Space by James H. Schmerl 65
Unit-Distance Preserving Theorem is Logically Non-Trivial by Olga KoshelevaVladik Kreinovich 69
On the Products of Cross-Rations on Diagonals of Polygons a Short Note by Joseph Zaks 79
Book Reviews    
Graph Coloring Problem by Tommy R Jenson, Bjarne Toft Review by Alexander Soifer 81
Letters to the Editor    
Letter from Prof. Cr. Berndt Wegner, Editor-in-Chief
Zentralblatt Fur Mathematik/Mathematics Abstracts
Recent Books   86

January 1996 (Volume V, Issue 3)

Editors Page    
New Essays    
Lower Bonds on the Independence Number by Edward BertramPeter Horàk 93
About Two Definitions of Fractional Chromatic Number by P.D. Johnson Jr 99
The Necessity to Check Consistency Explains the use of Parallelpipeds in Describing Uncertainty by Driss MisaneVladik Kreinovich 109
Squares in a Square II by Alexander Soifer 121
Recent Books   123

April 1996 (Volume V, Issue 4)

Editors Page   128
New Essays    
Distances between Points in the Plane by Paul Erdös 129
Snaky is an Edge-to-Edge Looser by Heiki HarborthMarkus Seemann 132
Some 4-Chromatic Unit-Distance Graphs Without Small Cycles by Robert HochbergPaul O’Donnell 137
How to measure arbitrary distances using a given slandered length by Olga KoshelevaVladik Kreinovich 142
Odd Integral Distances among Points in the Plane by Moshe Rosefeld 156