Volume XIX


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2009 (Volume XIX, Issue 1)

36 Two-Colored Points with no Empty Monochromatic Convex Fourgons By Clemens Huemer and Carlos Seara 5
Geometry of a Cockroach Paths: A Possible Explanation By Olga Kosheleva 7
On Chromatic Numbers of Space-Times: Open Problems By Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich 14
Tiling a Deficient Rectangle by P-Pentominoes By Catalin Nitica and Viorel Nitika 18
Triangle-free minimum distance graphs in the plane By Konrad J. Swanepoel 28

October 2009 (Volume XIX, Issue 2)

Part I: Branko Grünbaum, Mathematician & Man    
The Great Geometer is 80 By Alexander Soifer 37
On Branko Grünbaum’s 80th Birthday By Mathew Kahle 42
Branko, teacher, mentor, and a great friend By Moshe Rosenfeld 46
Branko Grünbaum is Eighty By Joseph Zaks 49
Part II: Mathematical Essays    
Uniform Columns By Branko Grünbaum 52
A Sausage Conjecture for Edge-to-Edge Regular Pentagons By Jens-P. Bode and Heiko Harborth 60
The Odd-Distance Plane Graph By Moshe Rosenfeld 62
A Note on Blocking Visibility Between Points By Adrian DumitrescuJános Pach, and Géza Tóth 67

January 2010 (Volume XIX, Issue 3)

Point-Sets in General Position with Many Similar Copies of a Pattern By Branko GrünbaumM. Abrego and Silvia Fernandez-Merchant 81
Tiling’s by Some Nonconvex Parallelohedra By Branko Grünbaum 100
Early Start can Inhibit Learning: A Geometric Explanation By Olga Koshelva 108
Monochromatic Triangles in E2 By Eric Tressler 119

April 2010 (Volume XIX, Issue 4)

Point-Sets in General Position with Many Similar Copies of a Pattern: Without a Number of Colinear Points or in Parallelograph-Free Position By Bernardo B. Ábrego and Silvia Fernández-Merchant 133
Geometric Proof of a Ramsey-Type Result for Disjoint Empty Convex Polygons Diagonalization is also Practically Useful: A Geometric Idea By Bhaswar B. Bhatacharya and Sandip Das 146
3-Regular Mathstick Kurz and Giuseppe Mazzuoccolo   156