Volume XXVII


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2017 (Volume XXVII, Issue 1)

The edge Folkman number Fe(3; 3;4) is greater than 19 By Alexander Bikov and Nedyalko Nenov 5
A Simple Geometric Explanation of Occam’s Razor By Olga Kosheleva, and Vladik Kreinovich 15
The Secretive Life of the International Mathematics Union By Alexander Soifer 20
New minimal (4; n)-regular matchstick graphs By Mike WinklerPeter Dinkelacker, and Stefan Vogel 26

October 2017 (Volume XXVII, Issue 2)

Group Actions on Super Tic-Tac-Toe Games By Whitney George and Janine E. Janoski 53
Yes, No, or Maybe? 3-partitions of the set of isomorphism classes of convex polyhedra By Branko Grünbaum 71
Why the presence of point-wise (“punctate”) calcifications or linear configurations of calcifications
makes breast cancer more probable: a geometric explanation
By Olga Kosheleva and Vladik Kreinovich 78
An Open Letter to All Nine Rolf Nevanlinna Prize Laureates By Alexander Soifer 84

January 2018 (Volume XXVII, Issue 3)

Numbers of Crossings in Drawings of the Petersen Graph By Alewyn P. Burger and Heiko Harborth 97
The Maximum Size of Subsets Forbidding Cyclic Arithmetic Progressions By Kenneth Berglund 103
Minimizing Positive Integer Sequences without Duplicate Substrings By Braxton CarriganPeter Kagey and Joseph O’Brien 109
Laureates on Their Rolf Nevanlinna Prize and the Secrecy IMU President Shigefumi Mori By Alexander Soifer 121
Coconut Update By John E. Wetzel 126
On Odd Sums’ Properties of Integers By Joseph Zaks and Ayal Zaks 129

April 2018 (Volume XXVII, Issue 4)

On 2-Coloring the Integers to Forbid a Distance and
Monochromatic Translates of a Triangle
By Kyle Binder 137
Regular Matchstick Graphs with Integral Edges By Alewyn P. Burger, Heiko Harborth, and Meinhard Möller 147
Have the Russians Infiltrated Congressus Numerantium? By Alexander Soifer 162