Volume VI


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 1996 (Volume VI, Issue 1)

Nonsymmetric Rigid Polygons and the Angle-Side Reciprocity Conjecture By Dennis Auroux 6
A New Rhombic Hexecontahedron By Branko Grünbaum 15
Space-Time is “Square Times” More Difficult to Approximate than Euclidean Space By Vladik Krenovich 19
On the Independence Number of Coin Graphs By János Pach and Géza Tóth 30

October 1996( Volume VI, Issue 2)

Selection of a Large Subset of Disjoint Figures By Kiril Bankov 41
Earthquakes and Geombinatorics By Diane Doser, Mohamed Amine Khamsi, and Vladik Kreinovich 48
A New Rhombic Hexecontahedron – Once More By Branko Grünbaum 55
Piere Joseph Henry Baudet: Ramsey Theory before Ramsey By Alexander Soifer 60

January 1997 (Volume VI, Issue 3)

Are there many distances that occur few times? By Paul Erdös and János Pach. 77
Erdös Vignettes By Branko Grünbaum 79
A Variation on the Erdos-Faber-Lovasz Conjecture By Peter Horák 82
Paradoxical Order By Paul Kainen. 85
Paul erdos – A Few Memories By Jaroslav Nešetril 90
On the Border of Two Years: An Interview with Paul Erdos By Alexander Soifer 99
“And you don’t even have to believe in G’D But you have to Believe that the book exists” By Alexander Soifer 111
Poison from Erdos By Bohdan Zelinka 117

April 2007 (Volume VI, Issue 4)

Astrogeometry: Geometry Explains Shapes of Celestial Bodies. By Andrei Finklestein, Olga Kosheleva, and Vladik Kreinovich. 125
Still More Rhombic Hexecontahedra By Branko Grunbaum 140
Embedding Graphs in Euclidean Spaces and exploration guided by Paul Erdos. By Jaroslav Nesetril 143
In Momory of Paul Erdos: Our Joint Problems in Combinatorial Geometry I By Alexander Soifer 156