Volume III


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 1993 (Volume III, Issue 1)

New Essays    
Quadrangles, Pentagons, and Computers By Branko Grünbaum 4
A Uniform Bound for Rearranged Vector Sums By Paul C. Kainen 10
The Octagon Anomaly By Stanley Rabinowitz 13

October 1993 (Volume III, Issue 2)

New Essays    
Coloring the Plane I By Nathanial BrownNathan Dunfield, and Greg Perry 24
Astral (n) Configurations By Branko Grünbaum 32
Almost Chromatic Number of the Plane By Iiya HoffmanAlexander Soifer 38
Is the Four Color Theorem True? By Paul C. Kainen 41
Repeating Distances Between Points in the Plane By János PachPaul Erdös 57

January 1994 (Volume III, Issue 3)

New Essays    
Colorings of the Plane II By Nathanial BrownNathan Dunfield, Greg Perry 64
The Vertex-Degrees of Steiner Minimal Trees in Banach-Minkowski Spaces By Dietmar Cieslik 75
Hamiltonian Polygons and Polyhedra By Branko Grünbaum 83
Geombinatorics, Computational Complexity and Saving Environment: Lets Start By Olga KoshelevaVladik Kreinovich  
Polyhedral oddity of Integral Type By B.M. Stewart 100

April 1994 (Volume III, Issue 4)

New Essays    
Colorings of the Plane III By Nathanial BrownNathan Dunfield, Greg Perry 110
Distinct Distances Between Points in the Plane By Paul Erdös 115
Stable Coloring by Branko Grünbaum 117
The Choice Number of the Plane by Peter D. Johnson Jr 122
Inter-Stellar Travel and Simple Geometrical Combinatronics: How Many Trajectory Corrections are Necessary? by Olga KoshelevaVladik Kreinovich, Ricardo Labiaga 129
About a Problem Concerning Functions which Preserve Unit Distance by Aleksandr V. Kuz’minykh 137
Six-Realizable Set X by Alexander Soifer 140