Volume IV


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 1994 (Volume IV, Issue 1)

Coloring R with the respect to Different Metrics by Izak Broere 4
Sets of Points in the Plane with Few Isosceles Triangles by  Paul Erdös 10
Quadrangles, Pentagons, and Computers, Revisited by Branko Grünbaum 11
How to Represent Measurement Errors? by Vladik Kreinovich 17
A Triangle-Free 4-chramatic Graph in the Plane by Paul O’Donnell 23

Letters to the Editor

Robert Hochberg and Paul O’Donnell 30

October 1994 (Volume IV, Issue 2)

Geombinatoric Problems of Environmentally Safe Manufacturing and Linear Logic by Daniel E. CookeRichard DuranAnn Gates, and Vladik Kreinovich 36
Equidistant Points in the Plane by Paul Erdos 48
Uniform Tilings of 3-Space by Branko Grünbaum 49

January 1995 (Volume IV, Issue 3)

New Essays    

A 4-Chromatic Unit Distance Graph With No Triangles

The Parabolic 3-Space by Paul Erdös 77
Which Algorithms are Feasible and Which are not Depends on the Geometry of Space-Time by Alexander Soifer 80

April 1995 (Volume IV, Issue 4)

Some Problems Arising from Unit-Distance Graphs with no Triangles

by Kiran B. Chilakarmarri 104
Squares in a Square by Paul ErdösAlexander Soifer 110
The Angle-side Reciprocity of Quadrangles by Branko Grünbaum 115
Unit-Distance Preserving Theorem is Logically Non-Trivial by Olga KoshelevaVladik Kreinovich… 119