Volume XX


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2010 (Volume XX, Issue 1)

Geometric Proof of a Ramsey-Type Result for Disjoint Empty Convex Polygons II…5 By Bhaswar B. Bhattacharya and Sandip Das 5
Diagonalization is also Practically Useful: A Geometric Idea By Martine Ceberio and Vladik Kreinovich 15
Automated Proofs in Geometry: Computing Upper Bounds for the Helibronn Problems for Triangles By Francesso De Comité,  Jean-Paul Delahaye 21
A note on a Ramsey-type problem on the integers By Balázs Gosztonyi 27
Book Reviews    
Escape of the Mathematical Kind, A Review by Alexander Soifer of Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze’s monograph Mathematicians Fleeing from Nazi Germany:
Individual Fates and Global Impact
By Alexander Soifer  31

October 2010 (Volume XX, Issue 2)

Grünbaum’s convex quadrangles enumeration and an Extension of the angle-side reciprocity of quadrangles By Orlando B. Alonso 45
Dirac’s conjecture concerning high-incidence elements in aggregates By Branko Grünbaum 48
Clifford Algebras and Graphs By Tanya Khovanova 56
 Books Reviews   77
A Raw Graph Theory Text, A Review by Alexander Soifer of Xiong Bin and Zheng Zhongyi’s textbook Graph Theory (“Mathematical Olympiad” Ser., Vol. 3) By Alexander Soifer 77
Passing the Flaming Torch! A Review by Alexander Soifer of Isaak M. Yaglom’s book “Geometric Transformations IV” By Alexander Soifer 80

January 2011 (Volume XX, Issue 3)

Frobenius Problems in the Gaussian Integers By Ken DutchPeter JohnsonChristopher Maier, and Jordan Paschke 93
On the Lower Bound of the Sum of Squared Distances between Vertices of a Convex Polygon By Janusz Januszewski 110
Another Improvement of the Lower Bound in Larcher-Pillichchammer Inequality By Pavel Novotný 115
Book Reviews   24

Which Comes First: Research or it Conclusions?A Review by Alexander Soifer of Rüdiger Thiele’s book “Van der Waerden in

By Alexander Soifer 117
Sensationalist Journalism vs. Exposition of Mathematics
A Review by Alexander Soifer of George G, Szpiro’s book
“A Mathematical Medly: Fifty Easy Pieces of Mathematics”
By Alexander Soifer 124
To Save and Harass, a review by Alexander Soifer of Alexander Stephan’s book “Communazis’: FBI Surveillance of German Émigré Writers” By Alexander Soifer 128

April 2011 (Volume XX, Issue 4)

Simple Wedge Points By Shimon Garti 141
Rectilinear Equidistant Sets in Rd By Jeong-Hyun Kang 151
A Finite Difference Approach to Counting Quadrangles in a Circle By Gregory P. Tollisen and Tamás Lengyel 168