Volume XXIII


Geombinatorics Quarterly

July 2013 (Volume XXIII, Issue 1)

Revisiting “Small unstretchable  simplicial
arrangements of pseudonliens”
By Branko Grünbaum 5
Translative Packing of Unit Squares By James Januszewski 12
Unique Tournaments and Radar Tracking By Tanya Khovanova 16
Extreme Intersection Points in Arrangements By Rom Pinchasi 28

October 2013 (Volume XXIII, Issue 2)

Motif patterns and coverings of points with unit disks
Part 1
By Jeremy F. AlmNicholas HommowunElizbeth Manary and Aaron Schneider 41
Constructively coloring the line By Loren Anderson, and Peter Johnson 52
Multiplication in Newton’s Principia and Jordan-Banach Algebras I By Jaraoslaw Wawrzycki 65

January 2014 (Volume XXIII, Issue 3)

Enumeration of Triangles and convex quadrilaterals via compositions and Grunbaum’s angle-side reciprocity By Orlando B. Alonso 94
The Heart of a Triangle By Vlastimil Dlab 103
Ordered Black Boxes: Existence By Sharon Shelah 108
Multiplication in Newton’s Principia and Jordan-Branch Algebras II By Juroslaw Wawrzycki 127

April 2014 (Volume XXIII, Issue 4)

Equilateral k-Isotoxal Tiles By R. Chick and C. Mann 149
Rainbow Colorings of Some Geometrically Defined Uniform Hypergraphs In the Plane By Brent Holmes 158
Cutting Right Triangles Right! By Hidefumi Katsuura and Wasin So 170
Connected Components of Underlying Graphs of halving lines By Tanya Khovanova and Dai Yang 181
Einstein’s Cocktail of Profundity & Humor, A Review of
Albert Einstein, The Human Side: Glimpses from His Archives
by Albert Einstein; Helen Dukas Banesh Hoffmann (ed’s)
By Alexander Soifer 190